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What is Quoll Digital?

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In the event of an unfortunate accident which leaves you unable to communicate your medical conditions to first response personal, consequences can be dire.

The Quoll Digital Medical Pendant is a scannable device designed to provide your specific medical information in seconds, anytime, anywhere.

The international symbol of medicine is an instant flag to paramedics and all medical professionals. As nearly all now carry smart digital technology, a simple scan of the code on the flip side will deliver the critical information to save lives. Possibly your life.

Upload only the information you would like your medical professionals to have and update it as often as necessary.
Your Quoll Digital Medical Pendant can identify your specific medical issues and offer clear directions on who to contact and what to avoid.




Some of the conditions that can cause a person to require emergency treatment but not be able to communicate include:

  • Anaphylactic shock due to food allergies
  • Coma due to Diabetes or stings
  • Epileptic events
  • Intolerance to prescribed medicines
  • Acute reaction to non-prescribed drugs
  • Heart conditions
  • Heat exhaustion
  • And the list goes on

Quoll Digital Medical Pendant



Unknowingly applying medication to someone that may have a particular issue or allergy can be fatal. That is why the Quoll Digital Medical Pendant is a necessity. It’s a unique product that immediately identifies life-saving information.

John Ackfield has been working with Australian Pharmacies for over 20 years and has an extended family that he wants to see protected at all times. He has developed the Quoll Digital Medical Pendant to deliver peace of mind for the users through medical security. As opposed to current wrist bands and charms, the Quoll can carry detailed and current information and it is guaranteed to withstand daily wear and tear for at least 5 years.

I hope this device will help ensure the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

John Ackfield