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How will anyone know how to help you if you can’t communicate?

Imagine if you sat your precious elderly mother or father on a comfortable seat in a shopping centre while you ducked in to the supermarket to grab some bread and milk. For all intents and purposes, they’re safe. It’s a public place, lots of people are around and they’re out of harm’s way. But what if they spotted a friend, stood to greet them and fell over, injuring their head? As they lay unconscious in the thoroughfare, someone calls the centre’s GP who rushes to assist. How can the doctor know if they suffer from early stage dementia? How could he know if your parent is taking blood thinners and could have internal bleeding? How could he know that you are in the centre and seconds away, when he could look inside your parent’s belongings and find the next of kin contact information of your brother who is currently overseas? There are so many variables to any emergency situation that you can never anticipate them all!

Independence is an extremely important issue for us all as we age. The elderly are vulnerable to many situations in which their health, safety and wellbeing could be compromised very suddenly. A fall, a stroke, deepening dementia or even episodic forgetfulness can mean they are not able to communicate properly, if at all. In a medical emergency, it is absolutely vital to minimise the amount of time it takes for a carer, helper or professional first responder to get the information they need. Don’t risk those precious extra moments. A Quoll elderly fall alarm will be an elderly person’s ‘voice’ when they can’t speak for themselves.

In an emergency, communication of vital information is crucial!

First responders (ambulance, paramedics, police and other emergency situation attendees) are trained to look for a patient’s medical ID. Help them to help you by getting your loved one an elderly panic button necklace.

Simply by wearing or carrying a Quoll elderly panic button bracelet, the information will be instantly available. And not just medical information, but valuable data such as the patient’s name, address, next of kin and their contact details.

Common medical emergencies among the elderly

  • Falls caused by trip hazards, dizziness or failing familiarity with surroundings.
  • Medications taken incorrectly, or forgotten altogether can result in a medical emergency.
  • Mental confusion caused by infections, inadequate diet, unfamiliar surroundings, drug reactions, TIA and cardiac events.
  • Early stage dementia can cause the elderly to wander off and not remember their way back.
  • Acute medical episodes involving conditions such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and emphysema.
  • Injuries such as burns, cuts and scrapes can become more serious under some circumstances.
  • Illnesses like influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis and gastro can come on suddenly without loved ones being aware. Dehydration can severely threaten the lives of the elderly.
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