We recommend the following Quoll health care products for Children 



Quoll Mi Card



Quoll Medical Necklace with RED Pendant



Quoll Medical Dog Tag Style Pendant with Necklace



Quoll Medical Necklace with Black Pendant



Quoll Medical Necklace with BLUE Pendant


How can you keep your child safe, even when you’re not there?

Anyone who has a child with a worrying health condition, an allergy or who takes multiple medications knows the pain of wondering every minute if they’re safe. Sometimes they’re at school, on camp, at a sleepover or on public transport. How can you know they’ll be appropriately cared for if something happens to them? This is something faced by all parents but when there is a medical condition involved, the concern is multiplied. And, this is where Quoll’s health care products step in.

Equipping your child with a Quoll Medical Alert device means that if they get sick or injured, first responders will know exactly how to treat them – and, important, how&nbsp;<em>not</em>&nbsp;to treat them. And if they take medications but somehow miss one, take the wrong dosage or lose their meds, all the information will be right there with them.

For parents, peace of mind is absolutely golden. When you can’t be there with them or even if a tragedy occurs and no one of authority is well enough to speak on their behalf, their Quoll Medical Alert device will step in and be that precious voice of authority of enabling access to immediate health care services.

Comfort for you and independence for your child’s health care

With Quoll Medical bracelet, necklace, dog tags or plastic card on board, not only will you have peace of mind but your child will enjoy a great sense of independence. This is crucial in helping a child understand and deal with their medical situation through life.

In an emergency, communication of vital information is crucial!

First responders (ambulance, paramedics, police and other emergency situation attendees) are trained to look for a patient’s medical ID. Help them to help your child.

Simply by wearing or carrying one of our health care products – Quoll Medical Alert device, the information will be instantly available, thus facilitating your access to health care services. And not just medical information, but valuable data such as the patient’s name, address, next of kin and their contact details.

Common medical emergencies among children

  • Falls, bumps and breaks happen among children with monotonous regularity, but for some children, the consequences can be severe.
  • Injuries such as burns, cuts and scrapes can become more serious depending on the child’s medical condition.
  • Illnesses in children can escalate quickly, requiring urgent attention to prevent dehydration or, in extreme cases, organ failure.
  • When the child and parents are all injured at once, no one may be able to speak for them and their medical condition or about the medications they require or cannot take.
  • Serious food allergies can be life-threatening but in young children, school can be rife with food hazards.
  • Children with some conditions may display anti-social behaviours when in actual fact, they have medical reasons for them. A Quoll Medical Alert device can guide others as to their care.
  • When lost, children can succumb to panic attacks. The device carries emergency contact information as well as health data.
  • An asthma attack on a sleepover or school camp can be frightening for all.