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Quoll Digital Medical Pendant

The Life it Saves Could be Your Own


Play the Video and see How the Quoll Digital Medical Pendant can save lives

Life Saving Information

Unknowingly applying medication to someone that may have a particular issue or allergy can be fatal. That is why the Quoll Digital Medical Pendant is a necessity. It’s a unique product that immediately identifies life-saving information.

International Symbol

The international symbol of medicine is an instant flag to paramedics and all medical professionals. As nearly all now carry smart digital technology, a simple scan of the code on the flip side will deliver the critical information to save lives. Possibly your life.

Your Specific Medical Issues

Upload only the information you would like your medical professionals to have and update it as often as necessary. Your Quoll Digital Medical Pendant can identify your specific medical issues and offer clear directions on who to contact and what to avoid.